Why Use Retained Search?

At The Leadership Search Group we believe that human capital is the most important component of a successful business. People provide the vision, develop the strategy, and implement the business plan. They define the culture of the company which provides values, direction and purpose to the organization.

While many contacts in your industry may lead to networking and what you might think is an inexpensive recruiting strategy, how does that strategy allow you to look for the "A" talent available for your open position? Do you have the time, tools and resources to effectively and efficiently look for those top-tier individuals? If you run an advertisement in the newspaper or search through the various Internet job sites, are you prepared for the avalanche of resumes you may receive? How many resumes will you have to cull through to find appropriate candidates and then how many interviews will be required to find that "A" individual? While you and your staff are managing this process, who is running the business? How inexpensive is your recruiting strategy if it takes your time away from driving business strategy and implementation?

Certainly you can utilize employment agencies or contingency recruiters. But both will spend the least amount of time possible in working with you. They will not take the time to launch a real time, in-depth and continuous research effort to uncover the best possible talent. They will not engage in the time-consuming personal interviewing process to assure you that the final candidates you meet have been thoroughly screened. Since they will not get paid until they fill your position, they often send you an inordinate number of candidates, many of whom may not be truly well qualified for your open position, utilizing the "more is better" philosophy. With so many candidates, they reason, eventually you will find someone you like. But as with a self-directed recruiting strategy, this one will take a significant amount of your time. What value do you place on that?

A self-directed recruiting strategy is not free. Indeed, if you have not adequately searched for talent both inside and outside your industry or, worse yet, if you have hired the wrong individual to fill your open position, it can be the most expensive recruiting strategy you can employ.

At The Leadership Search Group, you will find experienced, accomplished, industry-knowledgeable professionals who will find and evaluate the talent that will help your organization grow and succeed.