The Leadership Search Group offers automotive executive search services to help the industry grow and prosper. The search for talent is a critical component of a company’s success today. We assist the industrytofind the agile leaders who can help companies beat the competition.

In the past, when the automotive industry was forced into cut backsin order to survive, companies lost many of their talented employees. Today, The Leadership Search Grouphelps them fill thistalentgap. We searchfor the outstanding talent that can take the business to another level, infusing a new pool of executives who will contribute towards innovation and growth of the industry.

With the use of extensive marketresearch and strong networking capability, we can offer you an accurate analysis ofspecific candidates whocan assume leadership roles within your company.

We customize all of our assignments. We use no outdated databases, only current, real-time market research. Our technique involvestargeted in-depth interviews and evaluations to identifythe best personnel for our clients.

Our founder spent his career working with leading automotive companies around the world. Today, with that experience, we are able to help identify talent that can contribute to our clients’ success.

Contact us for more information. You can call us at 847-277-0008 or email our founder and president at