Rail Executive Search

The rail network in the US is one of the most dynamic systems in the world. The $60 billion industryconsists of 140,000 rail miles operated by seven Class I railroads, 21 regional railroads and 510 local railroads. Rail offers many public benefits including reducing road congestion, fuel consumption, highway fatalities, greenhouse gas, logistics cost and transportation maintenance costs. The dynamic rail industry needs professional, creative and dedicated rail executives to meet the needs of growing rail users.

The Leadership Search Group provides rail executive search service throughout the United States and Canada. Through our experienced consultants, we will succeed in finding the best available candidates for your open positions. We specialize in searching for top management positions, senior managers and board members for your company. We use proven and effective real-time research methods to source ideal candidates for your organization.

Our firm operates in a time-sensitive manner,providing you with results in the shortest period possible in order to fill your open positions with the talent that can help you increase your top line results and reduce your costs. We connect time-strapped employers with the most talented rail candidates available in the market at any point in time.

The Leadership Search Group’s assessment tools include screening and interviewing processes that help us measure the subjective qualities and personality traits of the potential candidates. Our team of consultants is highly experienced in the industry, starting with our founder who has worked as a rail provider for a significant part of his career.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. We can minimize the risk associated with recruiting a new employee. When we send you a candidate, we do so with the utmost confidence that he/ she will meet your hiring criteria and provide you the value you need to grow your business. We guarantee our results.

We are proud of our highly professional reputation in the industry where we have a track-record of placing top notch professionals who deliver results to our clients.

Contact us for more information. You can call us at 847-277-0008 or email us your requirements to our founder and president at rwk72949aol.com.